Monday, February 29, 2016

Let's Be Real

I hate stereotypes involving gender roles:
Guys are supposed to be into sports and cars.
Girls are supposed to be into shopping and shoes.
Guys can't show emotion.
Girls have to be emotional.
The Guy has to pay.
The Girl has to graciously let the Guy pay.
Guys have to always iniate a relationship with a Girl.
The Girl can't be the agressor.

I want to be rule breaker in my relationship:
I'm not into shopping or shoes.
Sports and cars do not have to be the only thing guys like or like at all.
We are all individuals. 
There's no shame in a man showing emotion and is more a matter of temperament I think.
Why can't the individual couple decide for themselves. If they want to go Dutch or meet halfway, why not? 
And why can't a relationship be equal? Why can't the guy and girl decide to both iniate? 

Sunday, February 28, 2016


Sometimes it feels like society has this unwritten ideal of the perfect girlfriend that we all have to strive towards in order to be more attractive(or at least that's how I feel). Here's the dialogue I often have with myself regarding societies' standards: "I'm just not ready for a relationship. I mean, mentally and emotionally I want a relationship, but I don't feel ready financially. I don't have my own car and what guy is gonna want to date a girl to has to be shofured everywhere?! I'm not ready because I'm not living in a apartment on my own yet. Surely a good guy prefers an independent women who can earn her keep?! " 
Bottom line, I have this notion in my head that a ready-made, date able girl has to have her own car, a full-time job, and has to be financially independent. 
What are some maybe, subconscious ideas regarding pre-dating that you have or have heard of?

A Little Intro

I'm single and 25. I've never had a boyfriend. I've dated once.
As a little girl I always pictured my life now as being a wife, and a mother. I pictured myself happily married to my best friend by now. I pictured this scenario as a naive child unaware of the realities that life would bring. I didn't know that the economical depression of 2008 would create uncertainty among milennials in my generation. I didn't know that.
As I watch couples form around me, I wonder at times if there's something wrong with me. I'm 25 years old and never had a serious relationship. But I'm single by choice. I'm single because many Christian guys seem to lack the maturity needed to be spiritual leaders. I'm single because many young Christian guys drink and I'm not OK with that. I'm single by choice not lack of opportunity.