Sunday, February 28, 2016


Sometimes it feels like society has this unwritten ideal of the perfect girlfriend that we all have to strive towards in order to be more attractive(or at least that's how I feel). Here's the dialogue I often have with myself regarding societies' standards: "I'm just not ready for a relationship. I mean, mentally and emotionally I want a relationship, but I don't feel ready financially. I don't have my own car and what guy is gonna want to date a girl to has to be shofured everywhere?! I'm not ready because I'm not living in a apartment on my own yet. Surely a good guy prefers an independent women who can earn her keep?! " 
Bottom line, I have this notion in my head that a ready-made, date able girl has to have her own car, a full-time job, and has to be financially independent. 
What are some maybe, subconscious ideas regarding pre-dating that you have or have heard of?


  1. I guess I heard a lot of "don't chase the guy" many moons ago when I was dating. Of course that doesn't help much if no guys are chasing the girls. I still think in our current society it must be the economy. Maybe Christian guys right now in our area aren't looking, because they don't feel they can afford to get married.